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Renewable energy is the next biggest step towards the future after waste management and eco-friendly lifestyle. Though, for many the first two steps are part of a bigger eco-friendly lifestyle. With the growing global concern about the impact of industry and fossil fuel use around the world, solar-powered lights have emerged as a viable solution to electricity crisis in different countries. Now, companies all over the globe are offering solar powered outdoor lights. And the reception so far has been quite positive.

However, there are some concerns being raised against them as well. Factors like high installation and maintenance costs reduced output because of environmental factors; chances of theft etc. are the major reasons. While there is a fair degree of relevance in these arguments, proper maintenance and prudence easily eliminate them. Despite all these short comes, many villages in north-eastern part of India has successfully implemented solar powered light which can be considered as a tremendous success for companies offering solar power solution.

So, with that in mind, let us look at the major reasons why you should move on for solar-powered lights for your property’s exteriors even for interiors for that matter.

5 Reasons Why Solar Powered Lights are the Best

1. Literally No Electrical Bills

The biggest and most obvious benefit of solar powered lights is that they will not cost you anything for running. All exterior solar lights will run by themselves and can provide ample lighting for upwards of 8 hours. This means that all your exterior lighting electricity expenses can be managed easily. Your only expense will come from the electrical and electronic appliances that you need to install in your house. As a result, you can enjoy reduced electricity bills. If you are living off the grid, then solar powered lights may even completely sustain your electricity depending on where you live.

2. No Dependency on Power Grids

Since solar street lights do not rely on power grids, there is no problem of outages. Even if you are connected with a power grid that malfunctioned, your exterior lights as well as interior lights will keep working as long as you maintain them routinely. Although power outages are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, it is still important to have as little dependency on things over which you have no control. If you are an ecology-minded person and want to have sustainable living off the grid, solar lights are a very good option to explore. Also if you are a resident of hilly areas them power outrage is still quite normal so keeping a back up is a wise option.

3. Simple Maintenance Process

Solar powered lights are self-contained mechanisms. This means there is no electrical relay or wiring associated with them. So, the numbers of units you will need to maintain get minimized. All you will need to do is ensure the photovoltaic cells are not blocked by natural agents like leaves, snow, dust etc. as a matter of fact scientists have introduced water resistant solar panels and solar cells which need almost no maintenance to avoid rainy seasons. In addition, you should also check the renewable batteries that actually store the energy and provide an output at night. These two will mostly ensure that your solar exterior lights run for a long time.

4. Variety of Sizes

Solar lights can be purchased of different types and sizes. Each of these serves a different purpose and is quite good in that.. For example, you can use special types of solar lights in your greenhouse to foster plant growth. This method is still being explored but promises to deliver a lot of value for small to midscale farming business in the near future. Similarly, if you have an outdoor setup with a garden, then solar lights can add a lot of aesthetic appeal without the often, out of place, wiring from traditional garden lightings.

5. High Cost-Efficiency

Since there are many varieties of solar-powered lights, their output differs considerably depending on size and materials used. However, the high-end solar lights have an incredible efficiency rate and luminous rate too. This is inclusive of factors like installation, maintenance etc. In optimal conditions and with proper routine upkeep, solar lights deliver considerably more output than traditional lighting setups. This is one of the major reasons why a growing number of towns across Europe are gradually switching over to solar street lights.


Every person knows that renewable and sustainable energy sources are the way of the future. Solar lighting is one of the prime examples of this. Further, the research into their efficiency and maintenance is ongoing. It is very likely that in the near future, newer and better technological advancement will further economize the installation and maintenance costs. If you want to have a self-reliant, sustainable and eco-friendly lighting setup, then solar powered lights are one of the best options in the market. Check them out today.

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